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Advanced dental technologies have been constantly developed to best satisfy patients’ needs and help dentists’ work easier. Patients from all over the world have vastly benefited from these dental technologies, one of which implements cutting edge “dental implant treatment techniques” that can help millions of people suffering from missing teeth.

Dental implants are small metal rods surgically placed inside the jawbone to substitute tooth roots. Once they securely fuse to the jawbone, the porcelain crowns are attached on top of the implants and together they look natural and feel strong, at this point they are ready to take bite forces just like your very own teeth. No adjacent teeth need to be altered to support dental implants, so they are a superb tooth-saving option. Dental implants let patients eat, smile, talk, laugh and enjoy other activities without revealing the fact that they are wearing false teeth. They don’t just totally restore patients’ looks and functions, but also save time and create ultimate comfort.

Affordable dental care tempts tons of international patients to set their feet on Thai soil each year hoping to make big savings on the treatments they could get at home, even after airfare and hotels are counted in. A fast-growing number of people love the idea of mixing their vacation with getting their teeth done. Providing patients with the cutting-edge technologies and the highest international treatment standards, Thailand is able to offer world-class dental care in surprisingly low prices because of its cheap manpower. Dental tourism has today become another roaring success of Thailand.

Thailand dental tourism is the answer to thousands of international patients these days. Getting your teeth done and being able to show off your beautiful smile again, experiencing Thai cultural heritages and stunning nature, visiting new places, seeing new faces, getting away from home and still being able to save some money – why not have them all in one shot?
Thailand Implant Center
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   implants at Bangkok Smile Dental    Clinic - Bangkok and Sea Smile    Dental Clinic -Phuket.
Bangkok Smile Dental Clinic
   Our dental clinic located in    Bangkok is one of the leading    dental clinics in Bangkok Thailand.

Phuket Dental Clinic
    Phuket, Thailand’s , very own     tropical paradise not only boasts     the lineup of world’s



As one of the most highly-recognized dental establishments in Thailand, Bangkok Smile Dental Group takes pride in being part of this trend and are ready to offer affordable dental implant treatments by our dentists with top-notch credentials and qualifications. Our team of highly-accomplished implant specialists, some of whom are American Board certified, have placed and restored numerous dental implants and have long, extensive experience in dental implant treatment. Learn more about our doctors here. Our doctors employ the most updated and revolutionary technologies to deliver the finest care in the most comfortable and caring way. “Teeth-in-a-day” is another example of how our specialists utilize the innovative dental implant technologies to provide the finest treatment for our valued patients.

We employ a wide range of the world’s most popular implant systems including AstraTech, Straumann, Nobel Biocare and Zimmer to ensure the highest quality treatment and to make sure our international patients can have their routine check-ups back home. We are proud to have become an AstraTech’s platinum partner as the largest dental clinic in Thailand exclusively offering AstraTech implant system to our patients. Our ISO-certified dental clinics are equipped with the most advanced dental technology and are neatly set to enhance comfort and promote a healing environment. As a result of our worldwide fast-growing number of patients, we have set up two advanced dental labs to help us work faster and more efficiently. Our own two ISO-certified dental labs work closely with our doctors to fabricate natural-looking, durable and perfectly fit restorations.

We put skill together with compassion, joined with extensive experience and our trusted care, added with a perfect getaway and reduced costs, and the result is you going back home from an amazing Thailand vacation with a world-class smile telling people about the dental trip that does pay off and save heaps of money.

We take pride in our dedication to improve our patients’ lives through giving them back their healthy smiles. Please take some time to visit our testimonials and FAQs. We look forward to your continued support. To schedule an appointment or any further information,
please call +662 105 4288, +662 664 2800 or take a few seconds to send us an email at and we’ll be in touch!

Award Winning Dental Practice
The Center of Dental Implant / Thailand

Advanced Dental Lab

Z CAD/Switzerland , the 3D CAD/CAM designed All-ceramic Zirconia crowns /bridges ( strong, beautiful and METAL-FREE)

Our dental laboratory is pleased to offer an ideal restorative solution, non-metal Zirconia restorations that provide maximum durability, biocompatibility and extreme esthetic. We employ the advanced 3D-CAD/CAM fabricating system that gives incredible precision and finally delivers perfectly fitting all-ceramic Zirconia restorations.
We are proud to announce that we now offer International X-Ray services to diagnose your case prior to your arrival

Bangkok Smile Dental Group is proud to announce official partnership with the X-ray clinics in Australia and New Zealand

X-ray images are a critical tool for diagnosing your dental problems. An OPG X-ray will help us diagnose your problems and accordingly quote an accurate price for any treatments needed, even before your arrival at our clinic. We have now partnered up with the X-ray clinics in major cities of Australia and New Zealand and are pleased to help arrange your X-ray appointment at any of our partner X-ray clinics closest to you. Just email us at and we will take it from there.
Beautiful Teeth Now™
      Through the use of Nobel Biocare products, we are providing you with all dental implants (titanium implants, immediate implants, multiple implants, all-on-4, nobelguide, procera and many more) or dental crowns and dental bridges that have been thoroughly FDA approved. NobelEsthetics dental crowns and dental bridges are designed using innovative computer software and 3D modeling to ensure you the utmost in fit, function, and beauty - your new teeth will make you smile.
The Immediate Implant with Nobel “Speedy Groovy™
>> Your immediate Function Implant
>> No healing time required
>> Your greater comfort and very short treatment time
ALL-ON-4 Immediate Function Implants for edentulous patient
>> Your totally new teeth in only 7 days (including all implant phases)
>> All-on-4 has been developed for Immediate Function fixed prosthesis, attractive prosthetic solution  NO need for bone grafting
>> 3D Computerized Perfect planning for your perfect teeth
>> High precision
>> Greatly reduced healing time
>> NO temporaries
>> NO significant pain / NO swelling
Zygoma Implant: the best solution for cases with severe bone
>> For Severe Bone Resorption without the need forgrafting
>> Minimal surgical procedures and reduced treatment time, with best result
>> Fixed prosthesis
>> computer aided-3D design
>> Easy, safe and predictable
>> No healing time required prior to functioning
Complete Sterilization System
>> We have very strict infection control system, designed to prevent cross infection between patients. All of our
dental instrument including our handpieces are sterilized to 135 degree Celsius using a vaporizing effect created
>> from high pressure pushing heat thoroughly all over and through every part of the instrument, even a very tiny spaces.

Tooth numbering system is used by dentists for uniquely identifying and referring to a specific tooth. Over the years, over 20 different teeth numbering systems have been developed. Today, we use the following FDI tooth numbering systems for the numbering of the teeth.

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