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The Immediate Implant

Zygoma Implant: the best solution for cases with severe bone resorption

Modern advances in dental science now allow us to offer you safe, successful and proven procedures for the installation of permanent nonremovable replacement teeth supported by titanium dental root forms called Zygoma dental implants. They have solved many problems associated with severe bone loss that previously required replacement by only removable dentures, because bone graft is impossible in those cases.
The development of the Zygoma implant presents a unique alternative for rehabilitating the severely resorbed bone in upper jaw, with only ONE surgical procedure and NO need for grafting.

Nobel Biocare is the first company with FDA clearance for Immediate Function? on our implant systems for all indications. The procedure is clinically documented by several independent studies, covering all oral regions, showing high success rates. The single most important factor for the success is the unique TiUnite? implant surface

Factors to consider when planning a Zygoma-implants:

• Clinically symptom free and pathology free sinuses
• Appropriate radiographic imaging of the maxillary sinusesand zygoma regions
• Possibility of placing at least two ordinary implants in the frontal maxilla
• Possibility of controling or decreasing bending moments by cross-arch stabilization, decreased cantilevers and balanced occlusion
Case : Zygomatic implants + permanent bridge
Name : Mr. Terry Clark and Mrs. Clark : USA.

To All At Smile Dental, Thank you, thank you, Thank you, you have a great staff. My Zygoma Implants + front Implants came out PERFECT! Incredible loading is working well. Thank Dr. Bob for assisting and being a great team for my procedure.

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