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Z CAD / Switzerland, the 3D CAD-CAM designed Zirconia porcelain crowns / bridges (Metal FREE ceramic, but strong as metal)

Material Technology




Sheer high-tech brilliance for the best results
Until now, zirconium oxide could only be processed at great expense because of its exceptional hardness and was thus prohibitive for use as a dental prosthesis.

As the result of progress of a research project carried out by the renowned Zurich Federal Institute of Technology, is it now possible to use this material economically in dental technology.

A wax form or model of your “new teeth” is created in the dental laboratory, to the precise specifications provided by your dentist. This wax form serves as the pattern from which a computer-aided milling unit creates your crown or bridge from a solid zirconium oxide blank.

A ceramic veneer in your individual tooth colours is then applied to the milled zirconium oxide unit to achieve the desired characteristics and natural looking appearance. The Cercon system operates safely and flawlessly, with everything coming from one source – DeguDent.

If you would like to learn more about the fascinating steps involved in creating a dental restoration from Cercon smart ceramics, please contact your dentist or his dental technical laboratory.
Zirconium oxide blank
Bonding porcelain
Scanning and milling unit

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