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Z CAD / Switzerland, the 3D CAD-CAM designed Zirconia porcelain crowns / bridges (Metal FREE ceramic, but strong as metal)

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Kind to body and teeth in every way

      Did you know that the skin on your back is around 15 times more sensitive than the mucous membrane (or tissues) in your mouth? For this reason allergy tests are often performed on an individual’s back. The test results with our neutral ceramic are clear and according to our current knowledge, there should not be any adverse reaction to Cercon smart ceramics even in the most sensitive of people. In the extensive literature available on zirconium oxide, no individual cases of allergic reaction have been reported to date. Possible interactions with any metals contained in existing dental prostheses will also be excluded. Your Cercon restoration will therefore promote your well being and keep you healthy.


     Other important properties of a Cercon restoration are very positive for the wearer. The surfaces of the veneering porcelain Cercon ceram S ensure reduced plaque adhesion and thus support good oral hygiene.


     What’s more, your all-ceramic restoration will have an excellent insulating effect and you won’t have to worry about any unpleasant sensations with hot or cold meals and drinks.

     Cercon smart ceramics may also enable more gentle treatment with less tooth preparation, thanks to the excellent hardness qualities of zirconium oxide your dentist may be able to preserve more healthy tooth substance – depending on the individual initial situation.

     Zirconium oxide has already been used in medical applications for nearly 20 years and as a result of long-term observations, the material may also now be safely recommended for the sensitive oral cavity.

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